A Victorian oak cased silver four-piece tea and coffee service with an extensive silver Venetian pattern table service of flatware

All by Martin Hall & Co Ltd, The Majority London 1877.


In a fully fitted canteen box.




Coffee Pot, Tea Pot, Sugar Bowl, Cream Jug, 

Tray (41cm by 29cm)


Twelve table knives (modern)

Twelve table forks 

Twelve table spoons 

Twelve dessert knives (modern)

Twelve dessert forks 

Twelve dessert spoons 

Twelve pairs of fish knives and fish forks 

Eleven teaspoons

Six coffee spoons 

Six salt spoons

A mustard spoon

Two pastry forks

Two butter knives

A sugar sifter spoon

A pair of sugar tongs

A caddy spoon 

Three sauce ladles 

A pair of fish servers 

A pair of asparagus servers 

A stilton scoop 

Two large basting spoons 31.5cm

A Soup ladle 

Two berry spoons

Grape Scissors


Total weighable silver (not inc. table & dessert knives) 10754g (345oz)

Price : £26,500