A Sterling Silver Bright Vine Pattern Flatware Service

The flatware Hallmarked for C J Vander London 1975-76. The hollow handled knives hallmarked in Sheffield.

Comprising 896 pieces, fully fitted in a seven drawer, nine compartment canteen box.

70 table forks
70 soup spoons 
70 table knives with stainless steel blades
70 dessert forks 
70 dessert spoons
70 dessert/cheese knives with stainless steel blades
60 fish forks 
60 fish knives 
70 tea spoons
60 coffee spoons
60 pastry forks 
60 grapefruit spoons 
60 butter knives
34 serving spoons
12 sauce ladles

1,513oz  (over 47 kilos) of weighable silver. not including the hollow handled knives


Price : On application