An extensive French silver canteen of cutlery for 24

Made Circa 1900, the pattern an expression of the Rococo taste.
French first standard 950/1000 silver

Comprising 211 pieces:
24 table spoons (for soup)
24 table knives
24 table forks
24 dessert spoons
24 dessert knives
24 dessert forks
24 butter knives
24 tea spoons
8 salt spoons
Gateau serving knife
butter serving knife
cheese serving knife
fish serving knife
fish serving fork
gravy spoon
salad serving fork
salad serving spoon
carving knife
carving fork
soup ladle

The Makers Mark is for Victor Boivin shows a V and a B with a star above and below.
The Mark was registered in 1897. Victor Boivin who had taken over from his Father, Jules Boivin. 
Boivin specialised in ‘Pieces de Formes’, or larger pieces, as well as Cutlery.
The Boivin’s received several prizes during the world Fairs in 1867 and again in 1889.
Their workshop was located 5 rue de Montmorency in Paris.

Price : £28,500