An Important Victorian Silver and Bronze Sculptural Centrepiece,

by Hunt & Roskell, Royal Silversmiths, London 1868:

Depicting Owen Glendower (the self proclaimed Prince of Wales) triumphant at his capture of the key Castles at Aberystwyth and Harlech from the English in 1404.

Overall dimensions:
91cm high
67cm long
45cm wide.

Hunt & Roskell were one of the most important London silversmithing firms during the 19th century. Originally founded by Paul Storr, the firm went on to become famous for creating some of the greatest centrepieces in the Victorian era, employing the renowned sculptor Henry Hugh Armstead, and designer G. A. Carter, Hunt & Roskell's work can be seen in many museums collections around the world, and form part of the Royal collection.

Owen Glendower (Owain Glyndwr of Powys, Glendower inherited several manors in northern Wales. He studied law in London and then served with the forces of Henry Bolingbroke, an opponent of King Richard (II) and afterward, King Henry IV. When he returned to Wales he found that England's oppressive rule had crippled the Welsh economy and aroused resentment. In September 1400, a year after Bolingbroke usurped the throne, Glendower's violent feud with a neighbour, Reynold, Lord Grey of Ruthin, touched off an uprising in Northern Wales. The insurgency quickly became a struggle for Welsh independence. Glendower formed an alliance with Henry's most powerful opponents and by 1404 he had control of most of Wales. Proclaiming himself Prince of Wales, he established an independent Welsh Parliament and began to formulate his own foreign and ecclesiastical policies. Having won a number of significant battles against the English, the tide of battle turned against him. He was twice defeated by Henry's son, Prince Henry (late King Henry V) and his allies in England were crushed. Reinforcements sent by France could not save his cause, By 1408/9 Prince Henry had captured Glendower's main strongholds, but the rebel hero of Wales was active in guerrilla fighting as late as 1412.

Price : £75,000