A French silver dressing table mirror, Aucoc, Paris, circa 1840

Engraved Aucoc aine B'tier du Roi a Paris, contemporary Turin control marks
77cm., 30 1/4 in. high

The arms are those the houses of Savoy and Habsburg, representing the marriage of Adelaide of Austria to Victor Emmanuel of Savoy. The initials are those of Adelaide, Duchess of Savoy, whose title remained until she became Queen consort in 1849 when her husband became King of Sardinia. The French origin of the mirror and engraved retailers mark suggest it was given as a wedding gift to Adelaide from Louis Philippe, King of the French during the early 1840's.
Adelaide, born in 1822, to Rainer Joseph of Austria and Elisabeth of Savoy, held the title of Archduchess of Austria. Her husband Victor Emmanuel was her first cousin and their marriage was seen by many as a way of cementing relations between the House of Savoy and increasing Austrian power in Italy. She was mother to eight children including the future Kings of Italy (Umberto I) and Spain (Amadeo I) but died aged 32 after complications following the birth of her eighth child in January 1855.


Price : £28,500