'EREMON 1907' A magnificent Bronze horse

Likely made to commemorate Eremon's 1907 Grand National win and given by the owner Stanley McKnight Howard to Major Townsend, a vet who had 'fired' the horses legs, transforming his race form. 

The 1907 victory is considered one of the more noteworthy National wins. Prior to the 1907 season Eremon was little-rated, had been bought for £50 and had previously been used as a carthorse. He was the owner's only racehorse and during an eventful 1907 National the relatively unknown jockey Alf Newey suffered a broken stirrup early in the race but still held on to win by 6 lengths. Tipped for continued success, Eremon was fatally injured in the same year as his victory at Aintree.

92cm long.

88cm high.

Price : On application