A comprehensive canteen of cutlery, Cardeilhac, Paris circa 1880

Cardeilhac, Paris circa 1880

In a brass bound fitted oak case & another leather case for the steel bladed knives

Comprising 217 pieces:

18 steel bladed mother-of-pearl handled table knives
18 silver bladed mother-of-pearl handled dessert knives 
18 steel bladed mother of pearl handled dessert knives
18 dessert forks
36 dessert spoons
36 table forks
24 table spoons
18 tea spoons
8 salt spoons
pair ice tongs
2 ladles
serving spoon
serving fork
pair fish servers
pair of berry spoons
large 'scallop-shell' spoon
large pierced silver serving scoop. 
small pierced silver serving scoop. 
pierced sugar-sifter spoon.
serving fork
cheese knife
butter knife
two pickle forks
pair sugar tongs
two jam spoons
two cheese spoons

Price : £32,500